A Cochabamba Delicacy: Anticuchos

A while ago we were invited over to a friend’s house for anticuchos, a well-loved meat in Cochabamba. Our first reaction when we heard what anticuchos were was, well, a little uncertain.  But we have grown to love the savory meat of thinly-sliced, grilled cow heart, typically served with potatoes and a spicy peanut sauce. An odd combination, yes, but delicious!

Enjoying Anticuchos

Anticuchos on the grill

Typical plate: Anticuchos, potatoes, and peanut sauce


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One response to “A Cochabamba Delicacy: Anticuchos”

  1. Vanessa says :

    Anticuchos is a Peruvian delicacy, recently being served in bolivia,,,,,,,its origin dates back to colonial Peru,,,,just a quick fact, thanks.

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