These are a few of my favorite things…

I really like living in Cochabamba. When we’re on the phone with friends and family who are back in the states, one of the main questions we get is, “what’s it like to live in Bolivia?” And so, I thought I would try to explain a little of our life here by sharing a few of my favorite things about Bolivia.

  • Whenever you see someone you know you greet them with a kiss or a handshake. (Women greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek; men greet women with a kiss and other men with a handshake and pat on the back.) It may not sound like
    much, but it’s very welcoming.
  • We go to the market to buy almost everything… furniture, clothing, shoes, kitchen gadgets, vegetables, dry goods. (I even bought a 50-lb bag of oatmeal… now I can make as much granola as I want!)
  • Public transportation is always an adventure. (Okay… sometimes this isn’t one of my favorite things.) One day as we returned to our host family’s house after language school, traffic stopped in our 3-lane highway. Eventually it started creeping along and we were routed on a side road to a different avenue. The reason? A neighborhood along the roadA micro (mini-bus) was having a party and people were dancing in the street! I thought it was really neat and was sad that we didn’t have our camera.

    Another night, we rode a mini-bus which seats 25 people (pictured). At one point during our 20 minute trip the bus had 45 people plus the driver. It was pretty impressive!

  • Friends. We have made several good friends in Cochabamba already and look forward to having more. And our first host family, Grover, Nelvia, and their son, Matias, is our adopted family here in Bolivia. It’s great to have friends here who are already more like siblings than friends!

There are other things I like about Bolivia, but this was just a small sampling… I’m sure we’ll share more in the future!


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