Home, Sweet Home!

The last week has been very exciting for us, as we finally moved in to our own home. Last Friday we moved in and spent the rest of the week unpacking and setting up our home. It’s a cute little house on the back of our landlord’s property.

Our Home

Lindsay after a trip to the marketBecause the house is furnished, we didn’t have to run to La Cancha to buy furniture, but we did have to make several trips to stock up the kitchen! On Saturday, Lindsay spent over two hours in the market buying food with our friend, Nelvia. She took Lindsay all over and by the end of their time in La Cancha they had more than they could easily carry. It was a very successful trip… as you can see!

BedroomLiving Room and Patio


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2 responses to “Home, Sweet Home!”

  1. Jessica H says :

    Congratulations! The yellow makes everything so cheerful! So happy for you that you have your own house to make into a HOME now!

  2. Carin says :

    Hey guys, welcome home!
    I just stumbled upon your blog, it is great!

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