What do you get when you take two ladies who love to cook
and add flour and cheese?

Cheese empanadas!

Finished Empanadas

Empanadas are a traditional food of Bolivia and are often eaten in the afternoon during “the hour of tea”. Because the main meal of the day is lunch, some families use tea time as dinner and eat bread or empanadas with their tea or coffee. Empanadas look like mini-pasties and can be filled with cheese, chicken, or picante (spice!).

When we were living with our last host family, our host mom, Bellela, taught me how to make cheese empanadas…

Rolling out the dough

First we made the dough and rolled it out…

Filling with cheese

…then we added the cheese!

Finishing the edges

The hardest part was finishing the edges. It took me forever and they always looked horrible! For each empanada that I finished, Bellela finished four… I guess I have to keep working on my technique!

Glazing the empanadas

After adding a glaze, the empanadas went into the oven and came out tasting wonderful… it’s a good thing Bellela gavre me the recipe!

Ready to be baked


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2 responses to “Empanadas!”

  1. Ray and Marlene says :

    How about a recipe?

  2. Aaron Wohlfeil says :

    I love empanadas… con queso o con pollo…

    Another good food to try is called cuñape (not sure of the spelling)… it’s a roll with a special cheese baked inside.

    Sarah and I enjoy your newsletter! We’re happy you’re feeling blessed by God with your host families and your time in Bolivia. Keep pushing on with Spanish – you’ll get it! We are sponsoring a kid through Compassion and he lives in S.C. We hope to visit him sometime and if we do, you can expect us to stop in!

    We miss you and wish you the best! God bless!

    Aaron & Sarah Wohlfeil

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