It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Last Sunday we woke up to snow! The seasons in the southern hemisphere are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere, so we are experiencing winter at the moment… here’s some pictures!

As you can see, winter here isn’t quite what we’re used to!

Bolivia has four seasons, just like Michigan, but they’re a little different. Spring is next, with lots of blooming flowers and plants. Then we’re on to the rainy season (summer) when it rains 3-4 times every week and is hot. Fall brings wind, and then we’re back to winter, when it is “cold”. I say “cold” because to us the weather is summer like – it doesn’t get as cold in Cochabamba as in the midwest during the winter. However, it is the coldest period of the year!

This picture was taken when we were on a hike a few weeks ago.
I like wearing t-shirts in winter!


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