Peace and Peas

MatiasI have a hard enough time understanding toddlers when I know they’re speaking English, so imagine my confusion when trying to understand Matias, who knows words in both English and Spanish.  Last week, Matias came into our room looking for us (like he always does), and was standing in the doorway repeating “Peace”.  Lindsay and I interpreted it as “Please”, what he often says to ask for something.  We were wrong…

In Spanish, the phrase “to pee” is “hacer pis”, literally “to make pee.”  Since Matias is being potty-trained, he announces his urge to go by saying “Pis” – pronounced “Peace”.

As we soon found out, Matias pronounces “Please” as “Peas”, not “Peace”.  Oops.


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One response to “Peace and Peas”

  1. Tyler says :

    Thanks for all the photos, Hans. You two look like you’re doing well. I’m glad you made it safe, and you had time to post some photos.

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