Settling down… a bit

After a semi-chaotic ten-day trip around Bolivia (more details to come in our newsletter), our lives have calmed down a bit.  We moved in with our host family on Saturday and began language school this afternoon.  Today we learned correct pronunciation (or at least tried – Lindsay’s doing a better job than I am…)  I’ve never thought so much about the movement of my tongue before.

We’re enjoying life with our host family – they’re not too much older than we are, and have a very-exploring and talkative 18-month-old son.  Grover was unofficially adopted by missionaries when he was growing up, was a linguistics major in college, and is now an English teacher at a Cochabamba high school.  Nelvia stays at home with Matias (Matthew), and will be teaching us (primarily Lindsay) how to cook Bolivian and shop in the markets.

We’ve been here 18 days, and we’ve already been so blessed.  What a journey God has led us on, and there’s so much ahead.

Thank you for your prayers and support!  We couldn’t do it without you!



One response to “Settling down… a bit”

  1. Peggy and Van says :

    We are thankful you arrived safely and are settled with a host family. We are remembering you in prayer.

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