Praise God for Overnight Mail!

This morning we received a call from the Bolivian Consulate. Apparently for visa processing, they require one money order for each visa. Not knowing this, we sent one money order to cover our two visas. As a result our visas cannot be processed until the consulate receives the two money orders.

We overnighted two money orders to the consulate in New York City and are hoping and praying that our visas (and passports) can be sent back to us tomorrow. Please join us in praying for the details of our visas. God has taken care of us incredibly in the past weeks and months and we trust that he has this under control as well!



2 responses to “Praise God for Overnight Mail!”

  1. Jim Thorp says :

    Hi Nybergs,

    I was excited to read about your upcoming departure. I prayed about your visas, so hopefully they will come soon. We have found that God loves to respond at the last minute (last minute for us but right on time for Him). But he is always faithful to lead us. I have been praying for you and look forward to hearing of your progress. We may be there in November (not sure yet).

  2. Aunt Julie and family says :

    Thanks for the pictures.Enjoy seeing and hearing about your new life.Relieved of course you both feel better after your Typhoid fever.
    Do you have a mailing address yet or will that come after you get into your house?let me know.
    love Aunt Julie

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