Weekend Visitors

Last weekend our friends Matt and Amanda came to stay with us. Amanda and Lindsay were college roommates for 3 years and Matt and Hans roomed together for one summer. Now that Matt and Amanda live in Iowa, we don’t get to see them much. We really enjoyed having them here and thought we’d share their visit with you. Since pictures are worth 1000 words, here is the weekend in photos:

Trees were cut down across the street from our apartment, so we decided to take a little bit of the wood and have a bonfire by Lake Superior.

We loaded up our trunk with wood, but it didn’t all fit!

It was a beautiful night! The best spring evening at the lake that we could remember.

On Sunday, we went over to the Salo’s house – friends of ours from church. When Amanda and Lindsay were freshmen at Michigan Tech, they “adopted” us into their family.

Here we are with all of the Salo kids, except Ean. He was outside when we decided to snap the picture…

We took turns losing to the kids at MarioKart.

But Lindsay got a picture with him anyway!

And here are all of the adults from Sunday’s get- together. We enjoyed spending time with the Salos… it was just like old times!

We really enjoyed the weekend and are thankful that Matt and Amanda could come visit us before we leave for Bolivia. We will be moving away from the area one week from today (on May 7th) and will spend the rest of the month of May with our families. We hope to be in Bolivia before June 4th, so please pray that God will provide for our departure!


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