Support Update!

God has been blessing us a lot lately. Last night, our church (Bethany Baptist in Dollar Bay, MI) voted to officially become our sending church! We are excited to have the full support of the congregation and to be an extension of the church’s ministries.

Our support level has also been increasing… we are currently at 72% of our monthly budget! (Which leaves approximately $800/month remaining to raise.) It is amazing to see God working through this process of raising support – we have gone from 0% to 72% in 4 months in the “worst economic times since the ’50s” (or something like that). There is no way that this is possible except through the grace and power of God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

My (Lindsay’s) parents were also up last weekend, to help us begin the process of moving out of our apartment. It was great to see them and we enjoyed a trip up the Keweenaw (even though the weather wasn’t the nicest). And we sent them back to Minnesota with a pretty big carload! We plan to move out of our apartment on May 7th and will be spending the rest of the month of May with family.


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