Debt Free!

We’re debt free!!!!!!!

Today we paid the last bit of student loans – not bad, considering we started making payments 13 months ago! It feels wonderful to know that we don’t have debt… and now have no obligations that tie us to the U.S. I’ve been looking forward to this day for many months… and am very happy it is here!

In other news, we travelled to Minnesota last weekend for a fundraiser. The men of Faith Lutheran Church in Hoyt Lakes organized a spaghetti feed for us and served about 100 hungry people on Saturday. (And it was good spaghetti!) My mom also organized a silent auction and had 50 items donated.  It was encouraging to speak with everyone who came and God provided about 20% of our one-time expenses from the night! Thanks to the men for all their hard work, to everyone who donated items to the silent auction, and to everyone who came.


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One response to “Debt Free!”

  1. internet elias says :

    Congratultions! Debt free is awesome. But remember to be thankful for the help you were given (loans) since all good Gifts are from our Father. Again, congratulations! Our youngest daughter is finishing her sixth year at the University of Alabama. She’s been on tuition scholarship the entire time. Other expenses e.g. housing, books, personal monies, and so forth have been immense. But God has ordered her steps the entire time. He has blessed us with the funds to support her waiting for the right ‘door.’ The ‘door’ just opened is not one she or we would have chosen ( it’s in the financial realm ! Mmmmm!) But we placed her with God long ago…and left her there. He makes no mistakes. He is worthy of our trust. West wishes for you and your family. The pictures are all so sweet!

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