A Quick Update

We’ve been busy lately… here is a summary of what we’ve been up to!

  • Due to Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech, Lindsay didn’t have to work last week. Unfortunately, she caught a cold on Monday and was “out of commission” until Wednesday. Then she passed the cold to Hans (but he didn’t get it as bad as she did).
  • Hans’ sister Catrina came up with a friend for the weekend and spent Friday night in our apartment (his other sister, Brita spent the night too). It was a blast to have them stay with us – even if we didn’t get to see them much!
  • We ate dinner with about 20 college students at Taco Bell on Friday night. A kind couple moved to another booth so our large (and loud) group could sit together. The best part was that the couple was at Taco Bell as long as we were!
  • We spent some time visiting with friends who were up in Houghton for Winter Carnival. It was great to see them again!!
  • We went to a concert by The Afters and Seventh Day Slumber on Friday night. Lindsay didn’t care too much for Seventh Day Slumber so we sat out in the hallway and talked with friends until The Afters came on stage!
  • Lindsay had a Spanish lesson with a woman from our church (she’s a Spanish teacher at a local high school). She can’t wait for next week!
  • We went to the annual Snowball dance at MTU and had a blast. (The MTU Jazz Lab Band plays every year and the music was great!)
  • We taught yet another Sunday School lesson at church. The discussions continue to go well – this week we talked about loving and showing grace to people who have very different views than we do.


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