50 Students in a Small Space

50 students from Michigan Tech crammed into a single cabin (it has 24 beds)last weekend for IVCF’s Outreach Retreat. The focus of the Outreach Retreat is to provide students with tools they can use to share the gospel with their non-Christian friends and to encourage them to do so. There were also some non-Christians in attendance, and Aaron (the IVCF staff worker) shared his testimony and the Gospel message on Saturday night.

Although we are no longer students, Hans and I tagged along to serve the students. Hans co-led a breakout session titled “How to Use Your Time for God” and challenged the students to be intentional with the way they use their time. My responsibilities for the weekend centered in the kitchen: feeding all of those hungry students!

Because we are teaching Sunday School at church, we left the retreat after dinner on Saturday. Our discussion this week was about forgiving others even when their sin seems unforgivable. One member of my group stated that on our own we cannot forgive “unforgivable sins” – it’s too hard. But knowing that God has forgiven us for each sin we have committed can help us to forgive the unforgivable.


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