Killer Bunnies Weekend

BunniesWhen Hans said, “I really want to have someone over tonight,” on Friday, I didn’t expect a large group of friends  to come to our apartment. But, to my surprise, we had six friends join us for a long game of Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, and I really enjoyed the evening. (For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Killer Bunnies is an amusing card game in which you try to get as many carrots as possible while trying to keep everyone else from getting them. This often results in killing each other’s bunnies…)

Plans were made on Friday night for all of the guys to go sledding on Saturday, while the ladies enjoyed each other’s company and watched a movie together. Unfortunately, the plans that were made to go sledding were canceled on Saturday due to some nasty weather that rolled in (and is still here) so it didn’t happen. But Hans and I did have one of Hans’s co-workers and his wife over for dinner and enjoyed – what else? – playing Killer Bunnies. (It is one of our favorite games…)

For me, the most refreshing part of having everyone over this weekend has been the conversations we’ve had. (Although don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy playing Killer Bunnies.) Lately I’ve been feeling lonely – most of my good friends are gone from the Houghton area and I haven’t made any new close friends yet. But in two days I have been encouraged and feel like I am on the way to making closer friends. What an answer to prayer!

Not all of our weekend has revolved around Killer Bunnies. This morning Hans and I taught our first Sunday School class at our church. We are using a series based on the book, What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Phillip Yancey, and it was good to see people challenged with the passage we studied (John 8:1-11). I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses the next three months to teach us and our church about His grace.


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2 responses to “Killer Bunnies Weekend”

  1. Jose Guillen says :

    Hello Nybergs,

    My name is Jose Guillen, I’m from Cochabamba, Bolivia, currently living in the US. I’m amazed by your hearts for my people, and your love for the Lord. I’ve helped many missionaries and worked closely with them in the last 4 years, and I’ve seen closely the work that the Lord is doing over there through people like you. It shows your obidient hearts and the love for people; and I personally admire you for your compasion and thoughfulness for my people. You guys will love it and hearts will be changed, I can assure you that, because my life was changed!…

    God Bless.
    Jose Guillen

    PS: If you guys have questions or anything, just let me know, I love to pass some info.

  2. Jose Guillen says :

    I apologize, I meant to indicate how I found your blog, in the last message. I was reading about missions and came across WorldVenture and decided to see if they had missionaries in Bolivia and there were but just a few and thats how I found your blog. I enjoyed reading how excited you guys are, and also getting ready to a life change experience.

    God Bless,
    Jose Guillen

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