A Busy December!

It’s been awhile since our last post… and December was a busy month!  We enjoyed spending a few weeks in a row at home, after spending most weekends in November on the road. On the first Saturday in December we offered our babysitting services to our friends Jon and Jenni to give them an afternoon to themselves. They didn’t realize our real intentions – we photographed their five kids in our apartment and then surprised the family with a picture collage for Christmas. We both enjoyed taking the pictures immensely and had a blast with the kids!

The second weekend in December was an exciting one for us as well – we were the “official photographers” at a friend’s wedding (and didn’t even have to travel, since the wedding was in Houghton!). The pictures turned out pretty good and it was fun to celebrate with our friends. On Sunday we were baptized at our church to become members.  Even though it wasn’t the first time we had declared our faith in front of a body of believers, it was  an exciting experience and I believe God used it to challenge others in the church.

Williams ChristmasThe third weekend saw us head to Ashland, WI, for another wedding. (December sure was a popular wedding month this year!) The ceremony was nice… and the couple was surprised to see their car completely buried under snow! After the wedding we continued on to my parents’ house in northeastern Minnesota, and we stayed there for the week of Christmas. It was nice to spend the week with family and we were blessed while we were in MN – we met a couple who spent 21 years living in Bolivia (and most of that time was spent in Cochabamba!). We really enjoyed talking with them and are more excited now to go to Bolivia than we were before.

We rang in the New Year with friends in Michigan and really enjoyed the two days Hans had off from work. (I haven’t been working much since the end of MTU’s fall semester and will begin teaching chemistry labs again in a few weeks.) We had quite the year – we were called to Bolivia, got married, went to training with WorldVenture in Colorado, and began raising support. I never imagined that 2008 would hold so much, and I’m glad that God gave us each day. Who but God knows what the next year will bring?

May God bless you in 2009!


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