Didn’t you hear me the first time?

Today I was frustrated by my students. I am a teaching assistant for MTU’s General Chemistry lab course and have six sections a week. Today I was given a glimpse of what my parents felt like when I was a teenager… my students didn’t listen to me.

I must admit, I didn’t realize what I was doing to my parents every time I didn’t listen. In one of my classes today it seemed like everyone came up to ask “how many graphs do I have to draw?” And I got pretty frustrated. (Especially after one group came up to ask the same question twice – about twenty minutes after asking the first time.)

I do it all the time, too. With Hans, with my parents, friends, co-workers. I don’t pay attention like I should and then have to ask about something I’ve already been told. But it doesn’t stop with other people: I don’t listen to God like I should either. Maybe instead of getting frustrated with my students, I should stop to thank God for not getting frustrated with me when I don’t listen to Him. It would be a lot harder to get upset if I did that, and I might just make a point remember more…


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