Winter approaches…

This morning I had to scrape the windshield for the first time this year.  It’s a sign that things are changing; winter is coming.  It’s kind of bittersweet – summers in the Keweenaw are amazing, and I’m not really ready to start shoveling.  But the beauty of the fall leaves has passed, and the snow, however much work it is, brings a new type of beauty to the area.

This is our last winter in Houghton, my sixth winter.  I love it here.  But next year we’ll be in a landlocked country that doesn’t have winter, living in a city of nearly a million people.

We’re going to miss the UP! But the reason we’re going to Bolivia isn’t for the scenery (though the mountains will be beautiful).  It isn’t for the weather (although not shoveling will be nice).  It isn’t for the experience (but it is an incredible opportunity).  It’s for the people.  We’re going because God has called us to go and serve and minister and love people.

Why don’t we have this mindset wherever we are?



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